Clinical trial evaluating the effects of two different implant collar designs after 25 years

Prospective randomized clinical trial evaluating the effects of two different implant collar designs on peri‐implant healing and functional osseointegration after 25 years


Evaluate the effects of two different machined‐collar lengths and designs on peri‐implant healing.

Material and Methods

An implant with a microtextured surface and 3.6mm‐long internal‐connection machined collar was compared to two implants that had an identical 1.2mm‐long external‐connection machined collar, but one had the microtextured surface while the other’s was machined.


Implants with the 1.2mm machined collar limited bone loss to 1mm, while those with the longer machined collar showed > 1.5mm loss after 25 years of function with microgap at the crest. Internal‐connection design and fixture surface microtexturing did not result in greater bone preservation.

Author(s) Source
Camarda AJ, Durand R, Benkarim M et al. Clinical Oral Implant Research, Vol 32, Issue3, March 2021, 285-296,
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