PATIENT INFORMATION: Nervous System Implants

What … for? (Indications)

  1. Hard structures
    Bone substitutes and/or fixing materials are used to maintain bone structures of the skull or spine after e.g. diseases or traumata.
  2. Soft structures
    Membranes, nerves, brain is used to maintain or reconstruct soft tissues.
  3. Fluids
    Fluids are substituted to manage the flow of fluids.
  4. Nerv (influencing)
    Nerv influencing implants are used to stimulate or influence nerves or brain, e. g. at chronic pain (neurostimulation).

Numbers n/a

Times n/a (too individual)


  • behavioral
  • medical
     quite specific. general surgical contraindications
  • during surgery

Risks (Risks in this chapter are quite specific and cannot be calculated generally)

  • during surgery
  • short term
    inflammation, repulsion, injury of neighbouring structures, thrombosis, hematoma, injury of nerves or vessels, hemorrhage.
  • long term
    no improvement, loosening, dislocation, osteolysis, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, systemic influence.
  • restrictions

n/a, e.g. mechanical trauma, too many varieties


Statistics   n/a


Criticism   n/a

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