Antihypertensive Medications and the Survival Rate of Osseointegrated Dental Implants

Antihypertensive drugs in general are beneficial for bone formation and remodeling, and are associated with lower risk of bone fractures. As osseointegration is influenced by bone metabolism, this study aimed to investigate the association between antihypertensive drugs and the survival rate of osseointegrated implants.
Only 0.6% of the implants failed in patients using antihypertensive drugs while 4.1% failed in nonusers. A higher survival rate of dental implants was observed among users of antihypertensive drugs [HR (95% CI): 0.12 (0.03–0.49)] compared to nonusers.


Our findings suggest that treatment with antihypertensive drugs may be associated with an increased survival rate of osseointegrated implants. To our knowledge, this could be the first study showing that the systemic use of a medication could be associated with higher survival rate of dental implants.

Author(s) Source
Wu X, Al-Abedalla K, Eimar H et al. Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, 03 March 2016
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