Total knee arthroplasty not always necessary for severe knee osteoarthritis

Sometimes a partial prosthesis is sufficient for patients who need an artificial joint due to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. This is pointed out by the German Society for Endoprosthetics (AE). The prerequisite is that the cruciate ligaments remain intact and the cartilage damage is limited exclusively to one section of the knee joint.
Even very painful osteoarthritis, which results in severe movement restrictions, may only affect a circumscribed section of the joint. The rest of the joint may still be intact.

According to the professional association, however, all conservative treatment options such as physiotherapy, joint injections, acupuncture and painkillers should have been exhausted beforehand. In addition, there is also the possibility of initially correcting the axis of the affected knee joint by means of a so-called repositioning osteotomy so that the area affected by osteoarthritis is relieved.

Patienten sollten sich vor einem Eingriff informieren: „Oft werden in spezialisierten Kliniken alle drei Versorgungsmöglichkeiten (Umstellung, Teil- und Totalendoprothese) in großen Fallzahlen und mit viel Erfahrung durchgeführt. Dann kann die für den Patienten individuell am besten passende Versorgung gemeinsam ausgewählt werden“ (Kirschner, vicepresident AE).

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hil/ aerzteblatt de, 17.09.2021, Deutsches Original: “Bei schwerer Kniearthrose nicht immer Totalendoprothese notwendig”
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