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Implants help humans in many ways and are welcome to improve life conditions for people desiring reconstructions or corrections of their human tissue as well as transmitting purposes. However, an implant is more than just any replacement part. It becomes part of an individual person. That is why it requires our special attention. There are estimated more than 10.000 different implants known, to be incorporated in human bodies - constantly increasing.

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implant, that turns brain waves into words

A computer screen shows the question “Would you like some water?” Underneath, three dots blink, followed by words that appear, one at a time: “No I am not thirsty.” It was brain activity that made those words materialize—the brain of a man who has not spoken for more than 15 years, ever since a stroke…

Deutsche AOK informiert über Qualitätsergebnisse bei kathetergestütztem Aortenklappenersatz

Die Online-Plattform „Gesundheitsnavigator“ der deutschen Krankenversicherung AOK informiert jetzt darüber, welche Krankenhäuser bei kathetergestützten Aortenklappenimplantationen (transvaskulären Aortenklappenimplantationen, TAVI) besonders gute Behandlungsergebnisse vorweisen. Dafür können Ärzte und Patienten die Ergebnisse von 79 Kliniken abrufen, die in den Jahren 2018 bis 2020 eine solche TAVI bei knapp 23.000 Versicherten durchgeführt haben. Einer Analyse des Wissenschaftlichen Instituts der…

Which antibiotics for endocarditis prophylaxis in oral implantology?

Endocarditis is an infectious disease of the inner lining of the heart (endocardium). It is frequently associated with severe progression (high morbidity) and often with a poor prognosis (high mortality). Therefore, antibiotics have been prescribed for prophylaxis in patients with a risk profile for endocarditis for more than 50 years. This antibiotic prophylaxis, which has…