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Implants help humans in many ways and are welcome to improve life conditions for people desiring reconstructions or corrections of their human tissue as well as transmitting purposes. However, an implant is more than just any replacement part. It becomes part of an individual person. That is why it requires our special attention. There are estimated more than 10.000 different implants known, to be incorporated in human bodies - constantly increasing.

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A Double-Lung Transplant and a Pair of Breast Implants to Save a Life

The patient, had a history of vaping and multiple infections, first viral infections and then Pseudomonas pneumonia. He had a really severe infection in both lungs. He was ventilated but the ventilator was not sufficient to keep him alive. He was then placed on the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and he was dying on the ECMO,…

Heart umbrellas with a big impact

“After the procedure, Jonah was a different child, the improvement was immediate. He turned 180 degrees in the right direction,” says his mother Ania. On June 22 of this year, the boy underwent an effective procedure in the cardiac catheterization laboratory at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW (HDZ NRW) in Bad Oeynhausen when he…

Thalamic deep brain stimulation in traumatic brain injury

a phase 1, randomized feasibility study Converging evidence indicates that impairments in executive function and information-processing speed limit quality of life and social reentry after moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (msTBI). These deficits reflect dysfunction of frontostriatal networks for which the central lateral (CL) nucleus of the thalamus is a critical node. The primary objective of…