Objective classification of glistenings in IOL


Objective classification of glistenings in implanted intraocular lenses using Scheimpflug tomography. Biwer H et al.
RESULTS: The subjectively graded glistenings (n = 63 patients, 63 eyes) during slitlamp examination showed the same glistening grade as the manually counted glistenings in slitlamp photographs, with a moderate agreement (κ = 0.46). The glistening count derived from Scheimpflug images was not associated with the glistening grades determined through any of the slitlamp methods (P > .05).

CONCLUSIONS: Subjective glistening grading score showed a moderate agreement with counted score in slitlamp images. The Scheimpflug device used in this study did not provide images of required resolution to perform an automated counting of separate glistenings and thus classification.

PMID: 26796445

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