Nuvasive®, Inc.

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product groupskeletal system / leg
productsPrecice® leg lengthening system
product groupskeletal system / spine
productsC360ACDFanterior cervical plate
cTDRSimplify cervical artificial disc
PCFposterior cervical fixation system
TL posteriorMAS TLIF
MAS Midline
X360XALIF™comprehensive lateral approach
fixations implantsMAGEC® System warning(discontinued)
interbody implantsPrecice stainless steel (Biodur 108)-based Devices warning(discontinued)
interfixated devices(discontinued)
structural allografts(discontinued)
vertebral body replacement implantsTitanium-Based Precice Devices warning(discontinued)
product grouphard tissue / bone (discontinued)
productsOsteocel® Plushuman tissue
Osteocel® Prohuman tissue
AttraX® Puttysynthetic, resorbable, osteoconductive bone void filler, calcium phosphate
Propel™ DBM Puttydonated human cortical bone
Propel™ DBM Fibersdonated human cortical bone
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