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product group tissue, general
products MERIFEIM™ absorbable gelatine sponge
MERIZELLE absorbable hemostat composed of oxidised regenerated cellulose

product group cardiovascular, respiratory system
products coronary drug eluting stents Biomime, Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System
Biomime Branch
Biomime Lineage
Biomime Morph
bare metal stents nexgen™, cobalt chromium coronary stent system
scaffold MeRes100™, Sirolimus Eluting BioResorbable Vascular Scaffold System
balloon catheters MOZEC™ NC PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter
congenital heart occluder ASD: Floret ASD
VSD: Floret VSD
PDA: Floret PDA
heart valves TAVR Myval™
mechanical valve Miltonia
tissue valve Dafodil Pericardial Bioprosthesis
peripheral vascular balloon expandable peripheral / renal stent Myra BMS
Cogent BMS
self expandable stent Promesa BMS
peripheral balloons Mozec PEB PTA
Mozec PTA 14
Mozec PTA 35
Mozec PEB

product group skeletal system, general
products Elastic Titanium Nail
KET range of IM nails
PFRN Nailing System

product group skeletal system, upper extremity
products Clavicle Internal Fixation
Humerus Internal Fixation
KET SS Humerus Nail System
Radius Internal Fixation

product group skeletal system, lower extremity
products total hip replacement Femur Internal Fixation
Hip Internal Fixation
LATITUD™ Acetabular Cup System
LATITUD™ Bipolar Cup System
LATITUD™ Cemented Femoral Stem
LATITUD™ Femoral Head
LATITUD™ Uncemented Femoral Stem
KET SS Cannulated Femur Nailing System
KET SS Trochanteric Femoral and Proximal Fixation Femoral Nail
total knee replacement DESTIKNEE Knee System
FREEDOM® Total Knee System
tibia Cannulated Titanium Tibial Nail System
TIBIA Internal Fixation plating
ankle Ankle Internal Fixation

product group skeletal system, spine
products cervical KEDGE Cervical Impacted Cage System
MERILOCK Anterior Cervical Plate System
MYEL Posterior Cervical Fixation Reconstruction System
thoracolumbar CLINCH 5.5 Posterior Thoracic & Lumbar Spinal Fixation System
KEDGE Lumbar Impacted Cage System
LINT Mesh System

product group digestive system
products hernia laparoscopic mesh fixation devices Profound A
Profound N
laparoscopic self-fixating mesh Contacto Mesh
macroporous light weight mesh Merigrow Mesh
polypropylene mesh FILAPROP™ Mesh
tissue separating dual layer mesh Merineum Mesh

product group urogenital system
products intrauterine contraceptive devices
intrauterine systems (IUD hormonal)

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