Manufacturer to be liable for damage caused by breast implants (USA)

In a test case about health damage caused by silicone breast implants in the USA, the jury has decided that the company Dow Chemical can be held liable. The company had not sufficiently tested the effects of the implants on the human body and had provided insufficient information to patients and doctors about possible risks, the jury found in New Orleans in mid-August. The trial was opened in March following a class action lawsuit filed by 1,800 women. According to the plaintiffs, silicone from the implants could enter the body, causing immune system disorders, migraines and fatigue.
Meanwhile, Dow Corning, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical that manufactured the implants from 1962 to 1992, has announced that it will set up a fund equivalent to about DM 4.4 billion for the injured women. An additional DM 1.3 billion is to be used to compensate other claimants such as retailers.
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afp translation from: Dtsch Arztebl 1997; 94(36): A-2234 / B-1930 / C-1697
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