Liability issues in the scandal about defective silicone breast implants in Germany

Ten years after the scandal about defective silicone breast implants from the French manufacturer PIP became known, questions of liability remain unresolved in Germany. The Federal High Court of Justice (BGH) today referred the lawsuit for a claim for damages against TÜV Rheinland back to the court of appeal dealing with it (Judgment of 27 February 2020 – VII ZR 151/18)
The lawsuit is directed against TÜV Rheinland, because the surveillance association was involved in the certification procedure from 1997 to 2010. This enabled the French manufacturer Poly Implants Prothèses (PIP) to provide its products with the European CE mark. This procedure is a prerequisite for medical products to be marketed in Germany.
The scandal surrounding silicone breast implants became known in 2010. For years, the French manufacturer PIP had sold hundreds of thousands of inferior implants filled with cheap industrial silicone instead of special silicone. Affected women were recommended to have the implants removed. PIP filed for insolvency in 2011 and was liquidated.
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afp/dpa/ Dtsch Ärzteblatt, 27. Februar 2020
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