Intraocular lenses and the development of glistenings

  • Health Canada received 69 reports of glistenings suspected of being associated with intraocular lenses (IOLs).
  • In 67 cases, the development of glistenings was associated with visual impairment.
  • Health care professionals are encouraged to report to Health Canada any adverse incidents suspected of being associated with IOLs and the development of glistenings.
Government of Canada
There is no clear consensus whether the development of glistenings in IOLs can impact visual function. Some studies found that some degree of visual impairment was associated with the development of glistenings. The impairment included decreased contrast sensitivity and decreased visual acuity. Other studies did not observe any impact of glistenings on vision. These discrepancies may be attributed to the numerous differences in study designs and methods. Canadian Adverse Reaction Newsletter, Volume 23 – Issue 2 – April 2013
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