Internationally different ratios for hip endoprostheses.

According to the OECD, there are 204 hip replacements per 100,000 people in the USA, 315 in Germany, 128 in Spain and 68 in Israel.

How long do patients in Germany and the United States stay in the hospital and rehab after hip replacement surgery? In Germany, about 10 nights in the hospital and twenty days in rehab are common. In America, patients are often out the day of surgery. They complete the rehabilitation afterwards at home under the guidance of skilled nursing staff.

Patients in Germany were three times as frequent as those in the U.S. to require follow-up treatment within one month. Germans were almost twice as likely as Americans to need revision surgery within a year. Among those insured at Kaiser, those who were happiest with their new hip were those who had been in the hospital for a very short time.

Was it due to pre-existing conditions? No. In terms of general health, the American patient cohort scored worse than the German cohort.

Benedikt Simon, who knows both systems, blames the health care system for the big difference in the length of hospital stays. In Germany, hospitals bill insurers based on the number of cases. What happens before patients are admitted and after they are discharged doesn’t matter much. To prevent premature discharges, a minimum length of stay in the hospital is prescribed for hip joint operations. Otherwise, there are deductions.

Kaiser insured patients pay a flat rate for their care, which the hospital then has to manage with.

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Baltzer S Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 12.07.2023 (german original)
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