IMPLANT INFORMATION about Hard Tissue / Bone

What … for? (Indications)
Hard tissue implants serve as replacement of bone or cartilage for deficits after injury, removal of tumor, degradation or special bone diseases (for special anatomic substitutes: see there, e.g. oral bone substitutes)

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n/a (many different applications)

Healing times have great variations dependent on the size of the defect and the used technique


  • behavioral: n/a
  • medical: Infectious diseases, comorbidities precluding the expected benefit, frailty, procedure specific impediments.
  • during surgery: n/a


  • during surgery: Impracticability (e.g. inability to pass through), problems with general anesthesia.
    Inflammation, repulsion, injury of adjoining structures.
  • long term: Loosening, dislocation, osteolysis, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, systemic influence.
  • restrictions: Depending from defect grade, control regiment.

n/a, too many varieties

Materials available

  • autologous
    Same individual: Core drilling, Block resection Transplantation, Scraping
    Special techniques: Same individual: Bone collected in cultures, Distraction osteogenesis
  • isologous
    Twins  (no reports)
  • allogenic
    Same species (human): Granules, Blocks
  • xenogenous
    Different species: Granules, Blocks
    Bone-morphogenetic proteines (Gentech)
  • alloplastic
    anorganic: TCP (Tricalciumphosphat), HA (Hydroxyapatite) a.o.

n/a, too many varieties


– Basic

– Problems

n/a, single case reports

– Science/ future

3D-printed spine, gentech


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Selected patient information

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Registry for patients

You can register with us here (fee 15.00€/VAT)
or print a paper implant-passport for free here.

Medical societies

dealing with this subject are here.
You may also find some in the General Medical Society sector.


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