Feasibility Study of the BrainGate Neural Interface System

Interim Safety Profile From the Feasibility Study of the BrainGate Neural Interface System
Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) are being developed to restore mobility, communication, and functional independence to people with paralysis. Though supported by decades of preclinical data, the safety of chronically implanted microelectrode array BCIs in humans is unknown. We report safety results from the prospective, open-label, non-randomized BrainGate feasibility study (NCT00912041), the largest and longest-running clinical trial of an implanted BCI.

Results: From 2004 – 2021, fourteen adults enrolled in the BrainGate trial had devices surgically implanted. The average duration of device implantation was 872 days, yielding 12,203 days of safety experience. There were 68 device-related adverse events, including 6 device-related serious adverse events. The most common device-related adverse event was skin irritation around the percutaneous pedestal. There were no safety events that required device explantation, no unanticipated adverse device events, no intracranial infections, and no participant deaths or adverse events resulting in permanently increased disability related to the investigational device.

Discussion: The BrainGate Neural Interface system has a safety record comparable to other chronically implanted medical devices. Given rapid recent advances in this technology and continued performance gains, these data suggest a favorable risk/benefit ratio in appropriately selected individuals to support ongoing research and development.

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Rubin DB, Ajiboye AB, Barefoot L et al. Neurology.org,
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