Endoprosthesis register shows differences in supply (Germany)

In 2021 306,272 hip and knee replacements were recorded in the Endoprostheses Register Germany (EPRD). According to the report, the number of all documented knee interventions is eight percent below the comparable figures before the pandemic, while the number of hip interventions fell by just under one percent.
Short stem and femoral neck prostheses together accounted for about 13 percent of fittings. However, at 32 hospitals, these stem types were used in more than half of the surgeries last year.
The majority of hospitals chose full cementing for total knee arthroplasty in the vast majority of cases. 190 hospitals even implanted full-cement implants exclusively, and 81 other hospitals did so in more than 90 percent of cases. However, there were also 14 hospitals in which other types of anchorage predominated.
According to the registry, the use of short stems is one of the trends in hip replacement care. They are now used in 12% of all hip implantations (6% the year before).
There is a trend toward larger head components (36-mm heads were used in about 44 percent of cases, +3%).
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