Dental implant-supported telescopic prosthesis (case report)

Objective: To present and discuss a treatment concept with a minimally invasive procedure for the complete restoration of the maxilla and mandible.
Material and method: The concept and clinical procedure for the use of extracted teeth for the fabrication of an autologous augmentation material is presented on the basis of a case study. It creates the basis for a comprehensive restoration based on the “all-on-six” procedure. The treatment includes immediate implant placement, digital impressions and intraoral bonding of the secondary and tertiary structures.
The case study presented here shows how safe implant placement is possible even in cases that appear difficult (e.g. diabetes, periodontal predamage, alveolar ridge atrophy). The key to success lies in the consistent preference for less invasive procedures (e.g. flapless implant placement, autologous augmentation with autogenous dentin, omission of sinus lift by angulated positioning) and the use of established prosthetic protocols. Although the use of dentin grafts is currently not very widespread, the author believes that it has an underestimated potential.
Author(s) Source
Aleksandrov G Implantatgestützte Teleskopprothese. Z Zahnärztl Implantol 2022; 38: 152–156 (german original with pictures)
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