blue SKY

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02companybredent medical GmbH & Co.KG
03implant descriptionThe SKY implant is a cylindrical dental implant with a double self-cutting thread for bone level insertion into the jaw bone and it is to be used in augmented bone.
04illustrationsbredent blue SKY implant         bredent bluesky xray 3          bredent bluesky torx 2
implant                     Xray                        connection topview (torx, internal hexagon)
05material group:titanium
06material specified:Grade 4, checked through: n/a
07surface boneOsseo connect surface (sandblasted and etched)checked through: n/a
08surface soft tissue0.5mm polished neck
10sizes, measuresa) diameters: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.5 mm
11b) length: 8 – 16mm
12shapecylindrical screw with tapered end
13connection with abutmentsinternal connection, special hexagon (torx®)
14recommended insertionbone level or slightly supracrestal
15main indicationsall standard indications like single tooth replacement, bridges, denture supporting techniques according to the given anatomic preconditions.
16contraindicationsThe product should not be used for patients with a suspected allergy until allergy tests have been completed to confirm that the patient is not allergic to the materials contained in the product.
17year of introduction2005
18previous modelsno
19approvalsX CE-Label  X clean implant
o FDA-approval o ISO o DIN o ASTM   o ADA  o double-blind test   o prospective randomized controlled clinical study
20central information/
21regional/national information/salesGermany (headquarter), France, Greece, India, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain,
24key literaturen/a
25abutmentsabutment standard size fits to all implant sizes, angulations: straight, angulated 15° and 25°. Ceramic abutments.
26healing capsdifferent length 2, 3, 4mm, cylindrical.
27individual partsbar, ball and locator abutments.
31other kitsno
323D-planning programto be used with all major 3D-planning programs like coDiagnostiX, SICAT, simplant.
33specific notes/special featuresSKY fast & fixed therapy concept: extraction – placing the implant – temporary prosthetics in one day
34notes of the manufacturerThis implant should only be used by experienced dentists or surgeons, who have successfully completed implantological training, mainly work in the field of dental implantology or obtained a certificate from the IFZI (International Training Center for Dental Implantology) in Nuremberg or from an Institute authorized by bredent medical.
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