Reasons to register your implant

  • Your country or medical discipline does not keep a register.
  • You want to make sure that you yourself have access to the implant data.
  • You prefer to register yourself and not an authority or doctor.
  • You want to be able to access the data securely after moving away, changing doctors, loosing your records or in emergencies.
  • You didn´t get an implant pass

Some more reasons are here:

    • You prefer your implant to be stored not on a central server but on a local memory.
    • You want to be informed when problems are reported.
    • You want to have the possibility to note yourself occurrences or problems with your implant in a safe, independent place.
    • You want to make a contribution to the scientific evaluation of the implant process (at us, the data is only passed on anonymously and is not stored online, only you or an authorised person (e.g. your doctor) can access personal data).

For some areas there are national and specialist implant registers (notably hip endoprostheses and pacemakers), some of which have well-established. Some of these are also kept automatically. Ask whether your implant is already registered in such a register and if you have access to it. Then there is no urgent need to register your implant here – unless one of the advantages listed above is a personal reason.

The lifelong registration is subject to a one time fee (16.05 € incl. VAT). Notices are free of charge.

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