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product group dental implant
products tapered internal implants Tapered 3.0
Tapered Immediate Molar
Tapered Internal
Tapered Plus
Tapered Pro
Tapered Short
Tapered Tissue Level
legacy implants External dental implants
Internal dental implants
Single-stage dental implants
Laser-Lok 3.0 dental implant (discontinued)
One-piece 3.0 dental implant (discontinued)
Overdenture dental implant (discontinued)

product group oral hard tissue / bone
products allografts Grafton DBM
MinerOss® Blend
MinerOss® Block
MinerOss® Cancellous
MinerOss® Cortical
MinerOss® Putty
xenografts MinerOss® X
MinerOss® XP
MinerOss® X Plug
BioStrip & BioPlug (discontinued)
INFUSE Bone Graft (discontinued)
MASTERGRAFT Family of Products (discontinued)
PROGENIX Family of Grafts (discontinued)
product group oral soft tissue / membrane
products membranes Cytoplast™ d-PFTE membranes
Cytoplast™ Ti-reinforced membranes
Mem-Lok® Pericardium
Mem-Lok® Pliable
Mem-Lok® Resorbable Collagen Matrix
soft tissue AlloDerm SELECT™ GBR
AlloDerm SELECT™ RTM acellular dermal matrix
Novomatrix™ acellular dermal matrix, porcine
AlloDerm GBR® (discontinued)
AlloDerm RTM (discontinued)
Mem-Lok RCM (discontinued)
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