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01 indication implant for
-guided tissue regeneration for root coverage
-localized gingival augmentation to increase keratinized tissue around teeth
-alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment
02 specific n/a
03 contraindication(s) n/a
04 implant description n/a
05 specific attributes n/a
06 material(s) acellular dermal matrix consisting of tissue-engineered porcine material
07 implant surface n/a
08 key literature n/a
09 notes about the company n/a
10 approvals X CE-Marking X FDA-Approval
n/a ISO n/a DIN
n/a ASTM n/a CDSCO
n/a CFDA n/a Patent
n/a clean implant
last update 2022-04-04
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This “Implant Profile” shows a non-registered implant. This is a most comprehensive description of the important parameters of an implant. Information given here are checked thoroughly by “Implant-Register” and is not approved by the manufacturer/the company. Illustrations refer to the company, if not shown differently. However we can not guarantee for any material or properties. Implants may not be available in all countries. If there are pictures like logos or implants, they are taken from the companies website. The publishing company may inform us to hide them. 
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