2 million joint replacement surgeries recorded in the german endoprosthesis register

Ten years after its launch, the Endoprosthesis Register Germany (EPRD) has now surpassed the two-million mark in the recording of surgical documentation. This can be a reliable database for assessing hip and knee endoprosthetic care in Germany.
The voluntary data supplied by more than 780 hospitals cover more than 70 percent of care in Germany. Within a very short time, the EPRD has thus grown to become the second largest endoprosthetic registry in Europe.
“The clinics’ participation in the EPRD has become a quality feature for patients. The hospital thus shows that it works transparently, is open to comparison with other hospitals and, above all, is interested in the best possible results.” a spokesman says.
A special feature of the EPRD is the collaboration with the British National Joint Registry (NJR). The two registries have developed standards for their databases – these are intended to serve internationally as a blueprint endoprosthetic registries
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