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product group dental implant
products 3.1mmD Eztetic™ Dental Implant
Osseotite® Dental Implants
T3® Dental Implants
T3® PRO Tapered Dental Implant
Tapered Screw-Vent® Dental Implants
Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants
TSX™ Dental Implants
discontinued Zimmer Biomet Dental implants
Azure Implant C-System Locator® Overdenture Implants System NanoTite® Implants
Spline® Implants SwissPlus® Implants Tapered SwissPlus® Implants
product group oral hard tissue implant
products Endobon® Xenograft Granules
IngeniOs® HA Bone Graft Substitute
IngeniOs® β-TCP Bone Graft Substitute
Puros® Cancellous Particulate Allograft
Puros® Ci Particulate Allograft
Puros® Cortical Particulate Allograft
Puros® Cortico-Cancellous Particulate
RegenerOss® Allograft
RegenerOss® Resorbable Xenograft
product group skeletal system – spine implant
products cervical implants Gallery™ Laminoplasty Spine System
inViZia® Anterior Cervical Plate System
Lineum® Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic (OCT) Spine System
MaxAn® Anterior Cervical Plate System
Mobi-C® Cervical Disc
Optio-C® Anterior Cervical System
Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Cervical Interbody Allograft Implants
ROI-C® Cervical Cage With VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology
TM-S Cervical Fusion Device
TrellOss®-C  Porous Ti Interbody System
Trinica® And Trinica® Select Anterior Cervical Plate Systems
Trinnect® Hydrated Anterior Cervical Spacer System
Virage® OCT Spinal Fixation System
Vista®-S Fusion Device
thoracolumbar implants Alpine XC™ Adjustable Fusion System
Aspen® MIS Fusion System
Avenue® L Lateral Lumbar Cage With VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology
Cypher™ MIS Screw System
Durango® ALIF System
Epic™ Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate
InFix® Anterior Lumbar Device
PathFinder NXT® Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw System
Polaris™ Spinal System
ProLift® Interbody Spacer System
ROI-A® ALIF Cage With  VerteBRIDGE® Plating Technology
Tether™ Vertebral Body Tethering System
Timberline® Lateral Fusion System
TM Ardis® Interbody System
TM-400 Device Trabecular Metal™ Technology
TrellOss®- TS Porous Ti Interbody System
TrellOss®-A Porous Ti Interbody System
TrellOss®-A SA
Porous Ti Interbody System
TrellOss®-L MPF Porous Ti  Interbody System
TrellOss®-TC Porous Ti  Interbody System
TriCor™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System
Trinica® ALP Anterior Lumbar Plate System
Universal Clamp® Spinal Fixation System
Vitality® Spinal Fixation System
Vital™ Deformity Spinal Fixation System
Vital™ MIS Screw System
Vital™ Spinal Fixation System
Zyston® Straight & Curve Interbody Systems
Zyston® Strut Open Titanium System
biologic implants CopiOs® Bone Void Filler
Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Cortical Strip
InterGro® DBM
PlatFORM™ CM and PlatFORM™ BG
PrimaGen Advanced™ Allograft
Pro Osteon® Bone Graft Substitute
Puros® Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) with Reverse Phase Medium (RPM
Puros®-S and Puros®-S2 Cervical Interbody Allograft Implants
implantable electric stimulation EBI® OsteoGenTM Surgically Implanted Bone Growth Stimulators
SpF® Implantable Spinal Fusion Stimulator
implant related products
product group bone stimulating systems
products The Biomet® EBI® Bone Healing System
The Biomet® OrthoPak® Non-invasive Bone Growth Stimulator System
The Biomet® SpinalPak® Non-invasive Spine Fusion Stimulator System
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