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product groupskeletal system
productsCannulated Cancellous Screws Locking System
Interlocking Nails & Bolts
Intramedullary Interlocking Nails Kinis™
Large Fragment – Locked Plates & Screws
Large Fragment – Non Locked Plates & Screws
Mini Fragment Locking Plates & Screws
Pelvic Implants & Instrument
Pins & Wires
Small Fragment – Locked Plates & Screws
Small Fragment – Non Locked Plates & Screws

product groupskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial
productsCranio Maxillofacial Locking System

product groupskeletal system, upper extremity
productsDorsal/Volar Locking System

product groupskeletal system, lower extremity
productsACL/PCL Reconstruction System
DHS/DCS & Angled Blade
Foot & Ankle Locking Plates
Total Hip Replacement System
Total Knee Replacement System

product groupskeletal system, spine
productsSpine System

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