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product group nervous system / cranium
products Mesh, titanium, 0.6mm
Plate, burr hole
Plates, titanium
Screws, titanium, self-drilling, micro

product group skeletal system / general
products Orthopaedic Implant Mini L left/right, locking plate
Mini Y, locking plate
Oblique T, locking plate
Olecranon, locking plate
Pelvic, locking plate
Placa Bloqueada T-form, locking plate
Reconstruction, locking plate
Screw, locking system titanium filling
Screw, locking, titanium
Screws, Mini, self-tapping, titanium
Trauma System
Trauma, locking system

product group skeletal system / maxillofacial
products Medium Plates titanium
Micro Plates
Mini Plates titanium
Plate System

product group skeletal system / upper extremity
products Orthopaedic Implant Clavicle Claw Locking
Clavicle Claw Plate for Upper Limb
Clavicle Extremitas Locking System
Clavicle S Locking Plate
Humeral Compression Locking System
Humeral Distal Medial, Locking System
Humeral Interlocking Nail
Humeral Straight Plate
Olecranon Fossa Plate
Radius and ulna Compression Locking Plate/ Placa Bloqueada
Radius and Ulna Plate
Radius, Distal, Medial, Locking System
Upper Limb Plate, Distal Lateral
Upper Limb Plate, Distal Medial
Upper Limb Recontruction Plate

product group skeletal system / lower extremity
products Acetabular Cup, Polyethlene
Calcaneus Plate
Calcaneus Plate, Locking System
Femoral Compression Locking System
Femoral Distal Condylar, Locking System
Femur proximal Interlocking Intramedullary Nails
Fibular Buttress, Locking System Distal
Hip Joint Stem Prosthesis, cementless, titanium
Hip Total Femoral Artificial Prosthesis, SS or CoCrMo Cemented
Hip Total Prosthesis Titanium Shell with HA Coasting
Hip Total Replacement Prosthesis, cementless
Hip Total Replacement Stem Austin, cementless
Locking System 1/3 Tubular Locking
Lower Limb 1/3 tubular Plate
Lower Limb DCS Plate
Lower Limb Distal Tibial lateral and medial plate
Lower Limb T Plate
Lower Limb Tibial Plateau plate
Patella Plate
Tibial Compression Locking Plate/Placa Bloqueada
Tibial Distal Medial, Locking System
Tibial Interlocking Nail
Tibial Platform Lateral Locking System

product group skeletal system / spine
products Crosslinks Pedicle Screws System
MonoAxial Screw Single-shaft
PLIF Interbody Fusion Cage
PolyAxial Pedicle Screw
Spinal Rod

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