Dental subperiosteal implant


Implant designed to rest on the surface of bone, under the periosteum. It is customized, sometimes stabilized with screw(s).

  • Complete subperiosteal implant: Used in the complete edentulous arch.
  • Unilateral subperiosteal implant: Implant located on one side of the posterior mandible or maxilla.
  • Circumferential subperiosteal implant: Implant that bypasses remaining teeth or implants.

It is used in progredient atrophy of the alveolar process.

This technique is not often used, largely discontinued.

Unilaterial, partial subperiosteal implant. Before insertion at a model, after insertion showing the post to receive a crown/bridge.


Complete subperiosteal implant. On a model, radiograph showing it in the maxilla, posts to receive bars to support a denture.