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product group dental implant
products Ankylos® c/x
Astra Tech® Implant System
Astra Tech® Implant System EV
Astra Tech® OsseoSpeed™ TX Astra Tech Implant System Osseospeed TX Profile
DS PrimeTaper Implant
EV Implant Family
MIS C1-implant MIS M4-implant MIS SEVEN-implant
MIS V3-implant MIS V3-implant, B+-surface
OmniTaper EV Implant
XIVE® Xive S plus Xive TG plus
Frialit discontinued
IMZ TwinPlus discontinued
Ziterion discontinued
product group oral hard tissue / bone
products Symbios® Xenograft Granules
Symbios® Algipore® discontinued
Symbios® Biphasic Bone Graft Material discontinued
product group oral soft tissue / membrane
products OSSIX™ Bone
OSSIX Volumax
Symbios® Collagen Membrane SR
Symbios Collagen Membrane pre-hydrated discontinued
Symbios® PerioDerm® Acellular Dermis discontinued
Symbios® OsteoShield® Collagen Resorbable Membrane discontinued
Symbios® Collagen Membrane discontinued
Symbios® OsteoShield® PTFE Non-Resorbable Membrane discontinued
Symbios® OsteoShield® Titanium-Reinforced Non-Resorbable Membrane discontinued
Frios® BoneShield®, oval, triangulary fixed to the implant discontinued
implant related products
product group n/a
contact Dentsply Sirona Inc., York, Pennsylvania, USA
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