Biotec B1, Conical Connection



Reg. No.: 06-19-00273-0001
Biotec B1, Conical Connection
implant topview connection with abutment
01 application implant, compensation of dental root
“The B1 has a conical root shape and a unique thread design that give it enhanced primary stability.”∗
02 specific 5°-morse taper connection.
Sealing. “This enables dental surgeons to achieve a perfectly hermetic sealing and prevent the screw from loosening.”∗
Mechanical retention. “The tolerance between the implant and the abutment angle is extremely small (5 micron), which increases mechanical retention and eliminates micromovement.”∗
Single platform. “As alle implants use the same platform, stability is enhanced due to the greater variety of prosthetic options and reduced number of prosthetic connections”∗
Bone platform switching. “Superior bone platform switching ensures that the implant-abutment connection ist kept away from the bone to minimize bone resorption and allow for more vital grow of the soft tissue.”∗
Conical shape. “The conical root shape and a unique tread design gives enhanced primary stability. Conical root shape makes it ideal for scenarios where space is restricted due to bone resorption or vital anatomical structures.”∗
03 company Biotec Implant Germany GmbH
04 material titanium. specific: titanium alloy Ti 6AI 4V ELI (titanium grade 23).
“This alloy has been proven to be the ideal material for implants, mainly because of its ability to integrate almost completely with the bone. It is biodegradable and offers superior mechanical qualities such as strength and endurance, as well as chemical stability.”∗
05 approvals X CE-Marking X ISO
06 directions company direct e-mail
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07 last update 2019-12-17
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