PATIENT INFORMATION: Alimentary System Implants

What … for? (Indications)
Implants in the region of the digestive tract serve to repair and restore e. g. the continuity of the gastrointestinal tract (esophageal, biliary, pancreatic, duodenal, colo-rectal).
They help for abdominal wall reconstruction and the gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), accidental bowel leakage (fecal or bowel incontinence) and hernia repair.


Numbers n/a

Depending from underlying disease.

Esophageal, duodenal stent


  • behavioral: Missing, low compliance
  • medical: Infectious diseases, comorbidities precluding the expected benefit, frailty, procedure specific impediments, low life expectancy
  • during surgery: Unexpected grade of disease.


  • during surgery: Impracticability (e.g. inability to pass through), problems with general anesthesia, death.
  • short term: Wound infection, no benefit.
  • long term: Chronic infection, rejection of the implant, no benefit.
  • restrictions: Depending from underlying disease, control regiment.

Failures  n/a, too many varieties


  • autologous Fat (human)
  • allogenic Collagen (human)
  • xenogenous Collagen (porcine)
  • alloplastic
    • Polyglactin 910 (PGLA), 90% glycolide, 10% L-lactide
    • Polypropylen (mesh)
    • Monocryl-PDS-Prolene-Composite (Physiomesh)
    • Monocryl-Prolene-Composite (Ultrapro mesh, Hernia-System)
    • Prolene-PDZ-ORZ (oxidated regenerated cellulosis) Composite
    • Vicryl-Prolene-Composite
    • Vicryl ribbon
    • PDS, PPDX, PPDO (Polydioxanon), Ribbons, pins, foils
    • Nitinol (Metal stents)
    • metal alloy of nickel and titaniumpulmonal: tracheal, bronchial. gastrointestinal: esophageal, cardia, duodenal, biliary, colonic, rectal, segmental
    • Polydioxanon (Biodegradable stent ELLA, integrity 6-8 weeks, disintegration 11-12 weeks)
    • Polysorbate 20 (Additive, surfactant)

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Science/ Future

  • MDLAP-closed loop System (Medical Doctor Artificial Pancreas) artificial pancreas

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