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product groupgeneral tissue / hard tissue / bone
product groupcardiovascular system
productsCoroflex® Blue Neo
Coroflex® Blue Ultra
Coroflex® ISARDrug Eluting Stent
ProVena Peripheralvenous prosthesis
Silver Graft
Uni-Graft® K DV
Uni-Graft® K DV Patchpolyester
Uni-Graft® Wvascular prosthesis (Polyester)
Uni-Graft® W aortic archvascular prosthesis (Polyester)
Uni-Graft® W SINUSvascular prosthesis (Polyester)
VascuFlex® Aorticself-expanding aortic stent-system (Nitinol)
VascuFlex® Peripherer Stentperiphery self-expanding stent-system (Nitinol)
VascuGraft® FLOWePTFE, heparin coating
VascuGraft® NEOpolytetrafluorethylen (ePTFE)
VenaTech® LPpermanent vena cava filter
VenaTech® Retrievableoptional vena cava filter
product groupnervous system
Lyoplant® Onlay
YASARGIL Aneurysmenclip System,permanent type

product groupskeletal system / lower extremity
productshipBicontact® Hip Stem System
Distal Femur / Targon® RF
Excia® T Hip Stem System
Femoral Neck / Targon® FN
Femur / Targon® F
Metha® Short Hip Stem
Plasmacup® Acetabular Cup System
Plasmafit® Acetabular Cup System
Prevision® Modular Hip Revision Stem
Proximal Femur / Targon® PFT
Screw Cup SC® Acetabular Cup System
TrendHip® Hip Stem System
Trilliance® Hip Stem System
Trochanter retaining joint replacement
kneeColumbus® Revision Total Knee System
Columbus® Total Knee System
e.motion® Total Knee System
EnduRo Rotating Hinge Knee System
Tibia / Targon® T
Tibia / Targon® TX
univation® X Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty Systemwarning (ref. Aesculap AG FSCA 250)
VEGA System® Knee Prosthesis
product groupskeletal system / spine
productscervical stabilizationanterior plating products
cervical cages
posterior stabilization products
Apfelbaum specialties
thoracolumbar stabilizationPedicle Screw Systems
Interbody Fusion products
cervical disc prosthesis
lumbar disc prosthesis
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