Argomedical GmbH

GERMANY reg.: n/a

product group skeletal system
products Pitch-Patch (shoulder) polyester-patch, tendon augmentation
IST-Anker (shoulder) titanium anchor for sutures
Orthomed-Anker (shoulder) titanium anchors for spongious bone
Plug´n Twist (shoulder) hammering anchor
Katalyst radius head endoprosthesis
UNIVERSAL 2 wrist endoprosthesis
SPIDER-Platte partial arthrodesis, wrist
Kompressor double thread screw
ArgoCup cup, uncemented
ANTEA endoprosthesis stem
ArgoTEP hip endoprosthesis
Self-Centric double rotation head
MBA subtalar implant
KGTI big toe base joint endoprosthesis
Unima Blue compression screw for subtalar arthrodesis
Freedom® lumbar disc prosthesis
SURFIX plates for special indications
ATAO synthetic bone graft
Bioplug bone marrow spacer
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