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product group skeletal system
products femoral AK 3D ACT Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene Liner
AK A Series Bio-Type Acetabular Cup
AK ACP Bone Cement Femoral Stem
AK ACP-Long Bone Cement Femoral Stem for Revision
AK BIOLOX® delta Ceramic Ball Head
AK BIOLOX® delta zero Ceramic Liner
AK Bone Cement Acetabular Cup
AK CL Femoral Stem
AK medical A-Plus cementless acetabular cup
AK ML Bio-Type Acetabular Cup
AK ML Femoral Stem
AK ML Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Liner
AK MP Bio-Type Proximal-Fixed Femoral Stem
AK MR Modular Femoral Stem for Revision
AK SL Bio-Type Femoral Stem for Revision
AK SL-Cone Bio-Type Stem
AK SR Bio-Type Modular Femoral Stem
EVOLUTION British Short Stem
SECURUS British Long Stem Revision System
custom made: 3D ACT Column Buttress & Shim
3D ACT Disk Augment
3D ACT Lotus Augment
3D ACT Slope Augmen
AK 3D ACT Titanium Alloy Trabecular Acetabular Cup
AK 3D ACT Titanium Alloy Trabecular Porous Acetabular Cup
AK 3D Titanium Alloy Trabecular Filling Block
knee A3 GT Knee Prosthesis
A3 Knee Prosthesis
ACCK Knee Prosthesis
AK Rotating Hinge Knee
JPX Knee Prosthesis
spine Porous Metal Bone Implant Material Intervertebral Fusion Cage
Vertebral Body Prosthesis
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