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product grouporal hard tissue / bone substitutes
productsbone substitutesApatosNanocrystalline hydroxyapatite
Heterologous cortico-cancellous and cortical bone
Gel 40Collagenated heterologous cortico-cancellous bone mix
Gen-Os®Collagenated heterologous cortico-cancellous bone mix
GTO®Collagenated heterologous cortico-cancellous bone mix plus TSV Gel
mp3®Pre-hydrated collagenated heterologous cortico-cancellous bone mix
PuttyPre-hydrated collagenated heterologous cortico-cancellous bone paste
TSV GelThermosensitive resorbable solution for graft stabilization
bone blocksDual-BlockCortico-cancellous scaffold for the horizontal augmentation in the maxilla
Sp-BlockCancellous block for the inlay technique in the mandible

product grouporal soft tissue / membrane
productsEvolutionHeterologous mesenchymal tissue
DermaCollagen dermal matrix
LaminaHeterologous collagenated cortical bone
Soft LaminaHeterologous collagenated cortical bone
Semi-Soft LaminaHeterologous collagenated cortical bone for orbital reconstruction
SpecialA translucent membrane to separate bone and soft tissues, heterologous pericardium
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