Merete® GmbH

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product group hard tissue / bone
products Cemex® Bone Cementum
Cemex® Genta Fast
Cemex® Genta High Viscosity
Cemex® Genta ID Green
Cemex® Genta Low Viscosity
Cemex® Isoplastic
Cemex® System Fast
Cemex® XL
Vancogenx® Bone Cementum

product group skeletal system
products screws Mecron™ Screw System
hip / femur BioBall® DuoHead
DuoThread™ Scarf N
BioBall® MaxiMotion™ Cup
BioBall® plug-on adapter standard
BioBall® plug-on adapter offset
BioBall® plug-on ceramic head
BioBall® plug-on metal head
Hip Stem CTW™-S Epical™
Merete Müller straight stem
Z Stem CTW™-S Epical™
OsteoBridge™ IntraDocking™
foot MetafFix™ BLP
MetafFix™ DuoMetaCum
MetaFix™ I
MetaFix™ Ludloff
MetaFix™ Meta Cun
MetaFix™ MTP
MetaFix™ OpenWedge
MetaFix™ Plantar BG10
MetaFix™ TTF
MetaFix™ TTF
OsteoBridge™ IntraDocking™
PediatrOS™ FlexTack™
PediatrOS™ RigidTack™
spacer Spacer® G
Spacer® G Flat Stem
Spacer® K
Spacer® S
VancoGenx™ Space Hip
VancoGenx™ Space Hip Flat Stem
VancoGenx™ Space Knee
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