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product groupskeletal system / CMFMODUS products
productscraniumMODUS cranium 09./1.2
MODUS Neuro 1.5
midfaceMODUS midface bone fixation
MODUS midface 1.5
MODUS midface OPS 1.5
MODUS midface OSS 2.0
MODUS midface IMF speedtip 2.0
mandibleMODUS mandible CFS 1.8
MODUS mandible 2.0
MODUS trauma 2.0
MODUS mandible orthognathics
MODUS mandible 2.0 speedtip
MODUS mandible IMF speedtip 2.0
MODUS mandible trilock 2.0/2.3/2.5
MODUS mandible transbuccal set
MODUS mandible reco 2.5

product groupskeletal system, general
productsAPTUS Speed Tip, Cannulated
APTUS compression screws
SpeedTip CCS 2.2, 3.0 Cannulated Compression Screws

product groupskeletal system, upper extremityAPTUS products
productsshoulderProximal Humerus 3.0
elbowRadial Head Plates 2.0
Coronoid Plates 2.0
Olecranon Plates 2.8
Distal Humerus Plates 2.8
wristDistal Radius 2.5
Dorsal Frame Plate 2.5
Distal Ulna Plate 2.5
Arthrodesis System 2.0/2.3, 2.5
Ulna Shortening System 2.5
handHand 1.2/1.5
Hand 2.0/2.3

product groupskeletal system, lower extremityAPTUS products
productsfootForefoot System 2.0/2.3
Fore- and Midfoot System 2.8
Calcaneus System 3.5
Hallux System 2.8
SpeedTip C 2.0, 2.8 Self-Drilling Compression Screws

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