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product grouphard tissue / bone
productsAcrilic Orthopedic Cement
Oseogen Hidroxiapatite Bone Substitute
Subiton CIFO
Subiton VTP

product groupsoft tissue / membrane
productsDura Membrane

product groupnervous system
Craneal Cement
Dura Membrane

product groupskeletal system
productsgeneralExtralock Costal Osteosynthesis Systems
Extralock Rib Reconstruction Systems
Extralock Sternal Osteosynthesis Systems
Pectus Excavatum Plates
Prosthetic Rib Extralock
Rib Clip
Rib Locking Plates
Sternocostal Fixation System
mid/lower faceFacial contours
Maxillofacial Osteosynthesis Systems
upper extremityElbow prosthesis
Radial plates
Shoulder prosthesis
Shoulder resurfacing prosthesis
lower extremityEight shaped plates
Hip replacements
Knee replacements
Osteosynthesis implants
Puddu plates
Sinus tarsis prosthesis
Somirep implant
System for knee arthrodesis

product groupcardiovascular system
productsPlate for Minithoracotomy
Rigid Sternal Plates
Sternal Clips Extralock
Sternal Plates QRS
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