I.T.S Implants

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product groupskeletal system / general
productsTubular Locking Plates System
Flexible Titanium Nail
Flexible Children Nail
Headless Compression Screw
Cannulated Screws
Twist-Off Screw


product groupskeletal system / upper extremity
products shoulderACLS Anterior Clavicle Locking Plates System
CLS Clavicle Locking Plates System
PHL Proximal Humeral Locking Plate (standard, small)
 elbowDHL Distal Humeral Locking Plates
OL Olecranon Locking Plate
Straight Locking Plates System
Straight Compression Locking Plate
 hand/wristPROlock Radius Locking Plate 2.0
PROlock Radius Locking Plate
Distal Ulna Locking Plate
Ulna Osteotomy Locking Plate
Hand Locking Plates System
Universal Forearm Locking Plates System

product groupskeletal system / lower extremity
productshipPelvic Reconstruction System
Revolution X Pelvic Reconstruction System
Epiphysis Screw
Cannulated Femur Nail
  kneeDistal Femur Locking Plate
Cannulated Tibia Nail
Proximal Lateral Tibia Locking Plate
High Tibia Osteotomy
Distal Anterolateral Tibia Locking Plate
PROlock Fibula Locking Plate
Pilon Locking Plate
 footCalcaneus Locking Plate
Hallux Osteotomy Locking Plate
Foot Locking Plates System
Fibula Locking Plate

product groupskeletal system / spine
productsIntramedullary Claw
Sacral Rods
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