HIP / KNEE ENDOPROSTHESIS – Questions before getting one

What Questions Should You Ask Your Doctor or Surgeon about HIP or KNEE

The following list of questions may help you to remind you of topics to discuss with your
surgeon. You may not ask all of them or have additional questions as well.

 Why is a hip or knee endoprosthesis useful for me ?
 What alternate procedures or products are available if I choose not to have an implanted joint ?
 What are the risks and complications associated with having hip/knee endoprothesis ?
 Where is the best place for me to have an operation? How experienced is the clinic ?
 How is the operation performed ? (anaesthesia, time, preparation)
 What can I expect for follow-up treatment ?
 How long will I probably not be able to work ?
 How should I behave later with an artificial joint ?
 How many additional operations on my implanted hip can I expect over my lifetime ?
 What is the prosthesis made of and how is it held in the bone ?
 Which manufacturer is the implant from?
 What scars will stay after surgery in a long run ?
 How will my ability to walk be affected ?
 Do other people notice that I got implants?
 Are there contraindications, as far as I´m concerned ?
 What proportion of the implants placed are still functioning after 10 years ?
 Do you have photos I can look at (for each option) ?
 What will happen, if the implants cause problems ?
 What would happen if the implants have to be removed without replacement ?
 Do you think my expectations are reasonable ?
 What do I have to sign with a written consent ?