How to use the patient information?

Tissue can lack because of many reasons: Loss through an injury, aplasia, mis- or disuse, reduction and there may be a feeling of lacking tissue because of esthetic reasons. So many the causes, many the different tissues, so many the materials and techniques for substitutions are.

Find your indication in the patient information chapters according to anatomy.

No intervention is completely without risk. Estimating the risk depends on many factors. The physician can only give recommendations based on his knowledge, skills and experience, in connection with the initial findings of a patient. The consent to the intervention lies with the patient.
This information can support the decision and the conversation with the doctor. And if there are any doubts about the pros and cons, get a second opinion.

Please also note further information at the end of the information pages and in some cases you will find further information in your language at the scientific societies of your country and in your language.
Materials, companies and technical questions are not the beginning of a decision about an implantation. But when it has to become real, knowledge helps to find the best solution. You will find implants according to anatomy or company in the basic dataset of the Implant-Register. And again don´t forget the general search, which might guide you faster.

The patient information button links to specific information pages we found helpful.
 Doctors recommended by the societies can be found with the doctor-button .
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If you do not yet know exactly what you want to search for, you can use the general search function. If there are too many hints, you have to choose a more specific search word. You may also find references to publications that deal with your topic.
We are building a glossary in the background that explains medical terms to you. These appear directly when reading through a different color, but you can also consult the glossary directly.

The implant registry carefully selects its information and verifies its truth as well as possible. But even in science, the plausibility of the statements has to be questioned again and again. Links to companies and firms are also only selected according to our criteria. We cannot control the information given there, in particular later changes. Please understand that despite all care we cannot assume any liability for the published statements.

You can help to keep the information up to date for all interested parties if you have any concerns. Send uns an e-mail.