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bleeding after implantation

Tissue can lack because of many reasons: Loss through an injury, aplasia, mis- or disuse, reduction and there may be a feeling of lacking tissue because of esthetic reasons. So many the causes, many the different tissues, so many the materials and techniques for substitutions are.

Find your indication in the patient information chapters according to anatomy.

No intervention is completely without risk. Estimating the risk depends on many factors. The physician can only give recommendations based on his knowledge, skills and experience, in connection with the initial findings of a patient. The consent to the intervention lies with the patient.
The risks of medical implants include surgical risks during placement or removal, infection, and implant failure.  Some people also have reactions to the materials used in implants.
This information can support the decision and the conversation with the doctor. And if there are any doubts about the pros and cons, get a second opinion.

An implant is a man-made medical device to replace a missing biological structure. Implants contact the body and are made of biocompatible material. In some cases implants contain electronics and some are bioactive or degradable after some time. There´s a whole bunch of possibilities and the Register may help you to find the right one.

Usually implants are inserted for medical reasons to compensate for deficits. Other reasons may play a role in aesthetic considerations. In the case of transferring implants (e.g. “chip” or “cyborg” implants) practical reasons are in the focus.
Implants can be placed permanently or they can be removed once they are no longer needed.

Materials, companies and technical questions are not the beginning of a decision about an implantation. But when it has to become real, knowledge helps to find the best solution. You will find implants according to anatomy or company in the basic dataset of the Implant-Register. And again don´t forget the general search, which might guide you faster.
If you learn that you need a medical implant, you should ask yourself and your doctor the questions we prepared for you in the checklists.

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Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 April 2017 on medical devices…

FDA on implants

Online-Portal für die Qualitätsberichte der Krankenhäuser (GERMANY)

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