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product group tissue, general
products bone InterSep® Calcium Sulfate
Optecure® Bone Graft
Optecure® +ccc Bone Graft
TenoMend® Collagen Tendon Wrap
product group dental implant / oral bone
products Entice Bone Protein Matrix
Octane CA Allograft
Ossigen Mineral Collagen Bone Grafting Material

product group skeletal system / upper extremity
products Equinoxe® Shoulder System
Interspace Shoulder
product group skeletal system / lower extremity
products hip AcuMatch M-Series Stem
Alteon® Femoral System
Bipolar/Unipolar Heads
Connexion GXL® Polyethylene Liner
Equinoxe® humerus shaft WARNING, discontinued
InterSpace® Hip
Novation® Crown Cup
Novation® Femoral System
knee Interspace® Knee
Optetrak Logic® system
Truliant System
Unicondylar Knee System
foot, ankle EPIC Extremity Ankle Fusion System
EPIC Extremity Reconstruction System
Vantage® Ankle PSI
Vantage® Total Ankle System
product group skeletal system / spine
products Dynabolt Dynamic Stabilization Rod
Gibralt® Spinal System
Octane® Interbody Fusion/Spacer Systems
Oracle Expandable Retractor System
Silverbolt® Minimally Invasive Spine Screw System
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