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product groupear implant
productspartial middle ear implants (PORP)Tita-prosthesis type Partial Vario Campanareplacement of malleus and incus
TitaHAP prosthesis type Vario PartialHA coating
Fluoroplastic Partial Prosthesis
Fluoroplastic Offset Partial Prosthesis
total middle ear implants (TORP)Tita-Prosthesis type Total Vario Caskreplacement of the complete ossicular chain
TitaHAP Prosthesis type Vario Total (TORP)HA coating
Fluoroplastic Total Prosthesis (TORP)
Fluoroplastic Offset Total Prosthesis (TORP)
universal middle ear prosthesisTitanium Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis
Fluoroplastic Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis – Offset
Fluoroplastic Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis – Centered
StapedioplastyTita-prosthesis Piston type Loopconnects “Long Process” of Incus and the Footplate
Tita-PTFE prosthesis Piston type Loop
Super Titanium Vario Piston type Loop
Super Elastic NiTiNOL-PFTE Vario Piston type Loop
Super Tita-PFTE Vario Piston type Loop
Fluoroplastic Stapes Piston
Titanium Stapes Piston with Integrated PTFE Shoe
ear ventilation tubessilicone grammetsdifferent types
PFTE grammetsdifferent types
gold grammet
titanium grammetsdifferent types
nasal implantssilicone sheetsdifferent types

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