Chiroplant GmbH

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product group general tissue / hard tissue / bone
products JectOS 55% DCPD, 45% TCP
KAL pure alumina wedge for tibial osteotomy
TCH® 75% HA, 25% TCP

product group oral tissue / hard tissue
products TCP Dental TCP

product group skeletal system / upper extremity
products shoulder shoulder implants LTO
shoulder implants SMR
humeral head plate
clavicula plate
olecranon plate
hand radial head prosthesis
radius plate, volar
helix wire

product group skeletal system / lower extremity
products hip dynamic hip and condylar stabilizer
hip implants BIOLOX, stainlaess steel, chrom cobalt
nails, supracondulary
knee TriCCC total knee prosthesis with mobile bearing Dedienne
nails, tibia
screw, epiphysi
foot calcaneus plate
The BioPro First MPJ & Lesser MPJ

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