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01 indication Filling, bridging and/or reconstruction of non-infected bone defects, such as alveolar defects.
Plastic reconstruction of damaged bone regions.
02 special indications n/a
03 contraindication(s) n/a
04 implant description It is a highly porous composite of porcine collagen (collagen complex) and β-TCP phase-pure granules of different size and density.
The collagen component works to embed the granules and fix them in place through its fibers. The special mixture of both enables a granule content of 85% by weight and thus a high volume stability after degradation of the faster resorbing collagen.
05 specific attributes n/a
06 material(s) porcine collagen, β-TCP
07 implant surface n/a
08 key literature n/a
09 notes about the company n/a
10 approvals X CE-Marking n/a FDA-Approval
n/a ISO n/a DIN
n/a ASTM n/a CDSCO
n/a CFDA n/a Patent
n/a clean implant n/a

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