Vercise Gevia™

IMPLANT PROFILE unregistered register here An implantable pulse generator (IPG) (non-rechargeable or rechargeable) A patient controller A lead kit and extension kit the implant 01 indication Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Systems, Parkinson Disease 02 specific Implantable device that delivers low-intensity electrical pulses to nerve centers in the brain using different combinations of amplitude, pulse width, …

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BRIEF PROFILE reg.: n/a register now ⇒ profile ⇒ full 01 application synthetic bone graft substitute 02 specific up to 90% porous 03 company Stryker 04 illustration implant 05 material β-tricalcium phosphate 06 approvals n/a CE-Marking X FDA-Approval n/a ISO n/a DIN 07 regional directions 08 last update 2019-02-12 not registered / this page is …

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