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Boston medical products, Inc.
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Novatech SA
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product group general tissue / soft / membrane
products Tutopatch®
Tutoplast® Fascia lata

product group ear / nose implant
products middle ear/tympanoplastic Angle prosthesis Plester
Angle-CliP® prosthesis
Clip Partial FlexiBAL® titanium
Clip® partial prosthesis Dresden
MNP Malleus Resplacement prosthesis titanium
MRP Malleus Resplacement prosthesis titanium
München LMU Prosthesis titanium
Regensburg total prosthesis titanium
TTP®-Tübingen titanium
TTP-VARIAC® System titanium
TTP-VARIO® System titanium
middle ear/stapesplastic Angled Piston titanium
CliP® Piston à Wengen
CliP® Piston MVP after Häusler titanium
K-Piston titanium
MatriX SlimLine stapes prosthesis titanium
MatriX stapes prosthesis titanium
NiTiBOND® stapes prosthesis nitinol, titanium
NiTiFlex stapes prosthesis nitinol
Soft-CliP® Piston
thyreoplastic RADIESSE™ Voice implant CaHA
Montgomery® implant silicone
KURZ TVFMI titanium
Rutter Suprastomal Stent silicone
soft tissue OTOSILK™ nylon

product group skeletal system / middle face
products tear duct stent
upper lid implant


product group cardiovascular / respirative system
products aerstent® TBJ J carina stent
aerstent® TBS trachea bronchus stent
aerstent® TBY Y carina stent
DUMON™ BD bronchial stents
DUMON™ ST hourglass stents
DUMON™ TD tracheal stents
DUMON™ TF thin tracheal stents
DUMON™ Y bifurcation stents
NOVATECH® GSS™ tracheobronchial silicone stents
NOVATECH® GSS™ BD bronchial stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ DST hourglss stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ OKI right upper lobe departure stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ ST hourglass stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ TD endtracheal stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ TF thin tracheal stent
NOVATECH® GSS™ Y bifurcation stent
NOVATECH® TTS titanium tracheal support for tracheopexy
SILMET® self-expanding nitinol
TRACHEOBRONXANE™ DUMON® CB carina bronchus stent


product group digestive system
products aixstent® BDH bile duct, Hilus, laser cut
aixstent® BDL bile duct, laser cut
aixstent® BDP, BPL bile duct, percutaneus
aixstent® BDS bile duct
aixstent® CRA colon rectum, anastomosis
aixstent® CRE colon rectum, intestinal
aixstent® CRS colon rectum
aixstent® CSS colon rectum smart
aixstent® DUS duodenum
aixstent® OEC cardia umbrella
aixstent® OEL esophageal leakage
aixstent® OES esophageal
aixstent® OUS esophageal sphincter
aixstent® PPS pancreas pseudocyst
SX-ELLA BD esophageal stent
SX-ELLA Danis Seal esophageal stent
SX-ELLA Enterella colorectal stent
SX-ELLA Enterella pyloroduodenal
SX-ELLA Flexella esophageal
SX-ELLA HV stent plus esophageal
SX-ELLA Nitinella Plus bilial duct

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