What … for? (Indications)
Membranes help to reconstruct tissue voids and to to support bone reconstruction techniques in the oral cavity.
 dental implant soft 01 Bio-Gide
Numbers n/a
Healing times have great variations, dependent on the size of the defect and the used technique. The effect may not be stable in the long run.
 Most membranes are semipermeable
– in different grades.
To make it simple in the picture:
The arrows show the ideal mechanism
to let the good things through
and keep the bad ones away.
ContraindicationsbehavioralSystemic bone diseases, poor oral hygiene, smoking, parafunction, no aftercare possible.
 medicalDiabetes mellitus, infectious diseases, certain systemic/metabolism diseases, low ability for surgery.
 pharmaceuticalBiphosphonates, chemotherapy, drugs, alcohol, corticosteroids, immune suppression.
Risksduring surgeryTissue injury, swallowing/inhaling parts, injury or structures/nerves, ceasing of the surgery.
short term:Inflammation, repulsion, foreign body reactions, allergic reactions

Rejection, wound opening with loss of the membrane.

long term:Most membranes are biodegradable and dissolve, some have to be removed. Foreign body reactions, nodularity,
FailuresRisks depend from several preconditions like bone volume, material and reasons in connection with the above contraindications.
Materials availableautologousCultured autologous fibroblasts
 allogeneic (homologous)Collagen fibrils (human)
Homologous collagen dispersion
Acellular dermal graft
xenogenousCollagen fibrils (bovine)
Collagen fibrils (porcine)
alloplastic, syntheticPoly-L-lactid acid
Expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PFTE)
Literature–  Basic
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Medical SocietiesNo specific society deals with oral soft tissue use
 Most oral implantologic societies concern the use of soft tissue for augmentation surrounding dental implants – see there.
Selected Patient InformationOUSIA: Barrier Membranes
Register (links)n/a  Materials are marked comprehensible and should be comprehensible documented in an implant-passport.
The Implant-Register offers registration of implants online and you can download a printable version for your personal use.
newsMarket survey oral membranes 2016 (german)
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