What if it bleeds after I got a dental implant?

Bleeding may occur on a small scale but should stop after 2 hour at the latest. Sometimes bleeding occurs after the local anesthesia ceased. Bleeding also may occur after implant uncovery.
If bleeding continues, you should do the following:
Rinse briefly but thoroughly with water.
Bite on a compress from your medicine chest or a folded linen handkerchief for 30 min. You can also repeat this when the compress is soaked.
Keep your head elevated, do not lie flat.
Cool the cheek over the implant alternately (pausing between cooling).
Consider whether you might be taking anticoagulant medications (e.g., anticoagulants, ASA). However, only discontinue these after consulting your doctor.
If the bleeding does not stop, see your doctor or the emergency physician on duty!