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product groupgeneral tissue / soft tissue
productsPERIBORN® Bovine Pericardium

product groupnervous system
productsBARRICADE™ Coil System

product groupcardiovascular system
productsPERIBORN® Bovine Pericardium

product groupdigestive, respiratory system
productslungCOMVI™ Tracheobronchial Stent
Niti-S™ Airway Stent
esophagealThrough the scope (TTS) S Esophageal Stent
S Esophageal Stent
DOUBLE™ (Anti-reflux) Esophageal Stent
DOUBLE™ Esophageal Stent
CONIO™ Esophageal Stent
CERVICAL™ Esophageal Stent
BETA™ Esophageal Stent
MEGA™ Esophageal Stent
biliaryS Biliary Stent (Uncovered)
S Biliary Stent (Covered)
D Biliary Stent
M Bilary Stent
LCD™ Bilary Stent
COMVI™ Biliary stent
BUMPY™ Biliary Stent
KAFFES ™ Biliary Stent
GIOBOR™ Biliary Stent
pseudocystNAGI™ Stent
pseudocyst/gallbladderSPAXUS™ Stent
pancreaticBUMPY™ Pancreatic Stent
pyloric/duodenalD Pyloric/duodenal Stent
S Pyloric/duodenal Stent
COMVI™ Pyloric/duodenal Stent
COMVI™ Pyloric/duodenal Stent (Flare)
enteral/colonicD Enteral Colonic Stent
S Enteral Colonic Stent
COMVI™ Enteral Colonic Stent
COMVI™ Enteral Colonic Stent (Flare)

product groupurogenital system
productsUVENTA Ureteral Stent
UVENTA Urethral Stent
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