acquired Meditech Spine LLC in 2020 unregistered
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product group skeletal system implants, spine
products anterior lumbar cage TALOS® A (HA)
cannulated pedicle screw ROMEO® 2 MIS
cervical cages TRYPTIK® CA/CC
cervical disc prosthesis BAGUERA® C
cervical fixation PERLA® PS
cervical plate CURE™ ACP
cervical plate TRYPTIK®2 C-PLATE
cervical secured cage SCARLET® AC-T
cervical Ti Cage TRYPTIK®Ti
cranio-caudal preferred angle screw PERLA® CC
hooks ROMEOâ2 HO
insert rotate Ti cage JULIET®Ti OL I/R
interspinous fusion device ROMEO®2 PAD
lateral Ti cage JULIET®2 LL
lumbar plate CUREÔ LP
medio-lateral preferred angle screw PERLA® ML
MIS thoracolumbar fixation PERLA® TL MIS
monoaxial pedicle screw ROMEO®2 MS
multiaxial cross connector PERLA® TL CC
multiaxial cross connector ROMEO®2 CC
OCT fixation PERLA®
polyaxial pedicle screw PERLA® TL PS
polyaxial pedicle screw ROMEO®2 PS
posterior lumbar cage TALOS® TL (HA)
posterior Ti cage JULIET®Ti PO
radiolucent lateral retractor OTELO®2 LL
radiolucent posterior retractor OTELO® MIS
reduction pedicle screw ROMEO®2 SS
secured lumbar anterior cage SCARLET® AL-T
semi-polyaxial deformity screw ROMEO®2 25D
semi-polyaxial sagittal screw ROMEO®2 25S
smooth shank screw PERLA® SS
transforaminal cage JULIET®2 TL
transforaminal straight cage JULIET®2 OL
transforaminal straight Ti cage JULIET®Ti OL
transforaminal Ti cage  JULIET®TI TL
vertebral fracture reduction system TECTONA®2
implant related products
product group n/a
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