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product groupdigestive system
productsinguinal hernias2D implantspolypropylene
3D anatomical implantspolypropylene
BULMESH implantspolypropylene
DROP implantspolypropylene
JG implantspolypropylene
JP and CC implantspolypropylene
LF implantspolypropylene
LG implantspolyethylene, polypropylene
LT implantspolyethylene, polypropylene
PG implantspolypropylene
PS implantspolypropylene
RH implantspolypropylene
eventration /umbilical, hiatal hernias2D implantsdifferent sizes, polypropylene and polyester
INTRA-OMBILI implantspolypropylene, silicone
MICROVAL-INTRA implantspolypropylene, silicone

product groupurogenital system
productsstress urinary incontinenceSAFIRE implantpolypropylene
prolapsPROLAFIX PPT implantspolypropylene
PROLAFIX PPT-LW implantspolypropylene
PROLAFIX PET implantspolyester
PROLAFIX-V implantspolypropylene

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